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Sooooo a friend just told me that someone told her that Finland is canonically mentally unstable, but I’ve never heard of this or seen a strip where he was nothing but nice. Do you guys mind helping me out with this? A source would be nice to have it it’s true.



  1. land-of-the-free-ask-america answered: well i think she may have heard that because Finland is secretly very badass he made snipers famous and so he has his secretd badassery there
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    I don’t know where people got that idea from, but it isn’t true. There’s no statements by Hima saying they’re...
  4. cheesypuffcat answered: It’s true; both Finland and Spain are canonically insane.
  5. hetalianordicsout answered: Canon: He’s really hard to make angry, but when he have had enough, his revenge is vicious. But I don’t think he’s mentally unstable.
  6. diplopod answered: He’s not mentally unstable, he’s just Finnish.
  7. absolutniemand answered: I also never heard of it. It’s just said that he becomes quite strong if he’s being cornered.
  8. the-space said: Never heard that myself. :P
  9. lordofthesimons answered: i saw a post on Tumblr that said that.. it also said Spain was too… It said that Himaruya said that somewhere, but im not sure where
  10. dlanor-a-knoxknoxjokes answered: I’ve never heard of this…
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