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Hetalians, let’s take a moment to appreciate this fandom.

The Hetalia fandom is vast and amazing. It’s flooded with wonderful people who believe in world peace, equality, and friendship. I’d like to point out everything I can think of from the top of my head that we should be grateful for.

- We have Himaruya, who cares for us and gives us fresh designs and new ideas.

- We have a web comic.

- We have a manga.

- We have an anime.

- We have a movie.

- We have a video game.

- We have character songs.

- We have drama CDs.

- We have Hetalia Day.

- We have Nyotalia.

- We have Gakun Hetalia. 

- We have 2ptalia.

- We have HetaOni.

- We have RomaHeta.

- We have HetaQuest.

- We have HetaHazard. 

- We have alternate universes and crossovers galore.

- We have yearly events containing a multitude of costumes and antics we can use in or out of AUs.

- We have characters from every country and micronation in the world, with a wide range of personalities, even if they aren’t canon yet.

- We can set our works in any place of any time period.

- We have the most talented and versatile artists of any fandom.

- We have intelligent authors who spend their precious time writing fantastical, eloquent stories for us to read.

- We have lovely, lively cosplayers.

- We have a couple for any shipper.

-  We can be silly and fun, serious and dark, and everything in-between. 

I love this fandom. It’s home to beautiful people with kind hearts, and a strong sense of unity. Yes, being such a large fandom we have our problems just like any other,  but we are strong and can persevere. We are a family spread across the globe.

I’m proud to be a Hetalian. 

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